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Where to visit in Los Angeles

The United State of America is a large country with many popular cities like New York, San Fancisco, LA, Washington DC , each of them has its own unique attractiveness . But Los Angeles is one of the best known in the world since it’s the house of Hollywood. Los Angeles located in Southern California ,adjacent to Pacific Ocean . Therefore, there are alot of beautiful beaches scattering along the shore.On the other hands, there are also range of mountains and deserts which make L.A become the most fascinating destination in America!

flights to Los Angeles

Flights to Los Angeles

Flights from Ho Chi Minh city to Los Angeles are around $ 650 – $800 . Flights from Ha Noi to Los Angeles are from $ 650~ $900 and flights from Da Nang to Los Angeles are slightly higher from $700- $1000. LA is a year round destination so you can have lots of flight selections. Book cheap flights and pay with cryptocurrency at now!

Transportation in Los Angeles

Los Angeles airport ( LAX) is 24km away from the center. You can call a taxi or an Uber to pick you up at the airport but the fare is slightly expensive ,above $ 50. The Flyaway Bus is the most convenient and cheapest way to get around if you are on budget, ticket only around $8- $9.Besides, the Metro railway system is also great and cheap .Travelers can use this to get to further area in the city, the ticket is from $8. For whoever want to enjoy the city thoroughly ,you can rent a bicycle cycling around to explore Los Angeles ‘s beauty

flights to Los Angeles

10 Places To Visit In Los Angeles

1.Malibu beaches

Malibu is a city located in the north of Los Angeles lying right next to the sea. Having a tropical climate and many beautiful, clean beaches (Malibu Lagoon State Beach, El Matador State Beach,Surfrider Beach, Zuma Beach, Carbon Beach..etc) , Malibu has attracted millions of visitors everywhere. Surfing is a populous beach activity here as well as sunbathing. You can occasionally see some famous celebrities enjoying a beach getaway day here

Let’s book a flight from Ho Chi Minh to Los Angeles now to go check out this amazing location!

travel in los angeles

Travel in Los Angeles


2. Universal studio & Universal Universal CityWalk Orlando

Universal is among most famous studios in the world. you probably know of it through many movies. It’s still operating and you visitor can have a chance to obverse their actual artworks. They have added themes like Harry Potter, Jurrasic Park , Transformer and more to the park so tourists would have great experiences here.

Opening hour: depending on the date/season and occasion. Remember to go online and check the schedule before going.

Ticket: Fall and rise depending on the demand. On the peak seasons You should purchase ticket in advance. The general ticket is from $110 -$ 125

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travel in los angeles

If you don’t want to waste to much money visiting Universal Studios, you can consider Universal CityWalk Orlando.It’s right outside of the Universal Studios but you don’t need to buy ticket to stroll around this area. There are various of options for entertainment and restaurants here.

travel in los angeles travel in los angeles

Universal  CityWalk Orlando

3. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

If you want to discover how the infamous superheroes in DC universe were created, Warner Bros. Studio is a must to visit. WB tours are sold online by many different agencies with discounts or you can buy ticket directly from WB page. The price for Studio Tour and Classic tour are from $ 69.

travel in los angeles

travel in los angelestravel in los angeles

(Warner Bros Studio)

4. Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hollywood Walk Of Fame, LA is a sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard street .There are more than 2.600 stars on it to honor delicated actor,singers, directors ,authors…It’s 15 blocks length from La Brea Avenue east to Gower Street.Tourists can occasionally catch a glimpse of some celebrities on the awarding ceremony here.

travel in los angeles Travel in Los AngelesHollywood Blvd sign

(West end Sunset Plaza Drive in Hollywood Hills West East end Sunset Boulevard in Los Feliz)

“Brilliant city. Lots of do and see. Did some sightseeing, hiked to Hollywood sign, great restaurants, beaches, galleries and spotted loads of celebrities walking around”

                                                                                                -Claudette C

5. Hollywood Sign

This iconic Hollywood Sign represents the city of Angel and America. The sign was set up in 1932 temporarily for advertisement by a Real Estate company and kept due to its increasing reputation.Hollywood sign located on Lee Mount in the Hollywood hill. There are multiples hiking trails to the top and the best spot is the Griffith Observatory .

Travel in Los Angeles

travel in Los Angeles

View from above the Hollywood Sign

6. Hop-On Hop-Off City Sightseeing Tour of Los Angeles

If you are confused with the traffic and transports, you can buy a tour Hop-on Hop-Off to tour around the city with ease. There are 2 routes: Hollywood loop and Beach loop with over 20 stops . The tour offers you a closer look of this lively city from famous attractions , historical sights and museums to stunning coastal lines and beaches.The classic tours are from around $ 45

They also have the same city tour on trams in Melbourne .Check out cheap flights to Melbourne at now.

travel in los angeles

Travel in Los Angeles

The 2 loops

7. Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica is a beachfront city in Los Angeles county, not only the climate and the sea are great but it’s also close to other popular beaches such as Venice Beach,Brentwood and Westwood beaches. You can rent a bike to cycle around or visit the amusement park here right next to the sea.

travel in los angeles

travel in los angeles

 The Santa Monica Ferris Wheel 

8. Sunset Boulevard

Don’t we all seek for a moment of a nice sunset sight mix with a chill beach vibe ? Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles would be that place you’re looking for. The boulevard stretches 22 miles along the coast from Pacific Coast Highway to Figueroa Street .

travel in los angeles

travel in los angeles

9. Rodeo Drive

Neighbouring to Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive is a luxurious, fancy shopping street with 3,2km length. It’s the main street in Beverly Hill. You can find many world’s famous fashion brands here such as Chanel, Hermes, Cartier, Balenciaga ,Louis Vuitton, Bvlary, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana …There are also some expensive hotel, restaurants and liquor stores in this area.

There’s a street in South Korea that’s famous for Korean Cosmetics.It’s abit similar to Redeo Drive, you can go along the street and check out many different brands and buy cosmetics in Myeondong shopping street Seoul

travel in los angeles travel in los angeles

10. China Town and Little Tokyo Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles, a small region but is the center to most transportation so it’s very easy to get here. China Town and Little Tokyo are two fun experiences for you to spend a day. There are lots of stores and buildings built in their traditional styles. These two locations are Instagramable, seeing your post, they wouldn’t have guessed that you were in LA   !

travel in los angeles

China Town Downtown LA

Travel in Los Angeles

Little Tokyo










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