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Travelaki enables you to travel with more experiences :traveling with cryptocurrency , booking hotels with bitcoin and even shopping essential travel items for your adventure. 

If you are preparing for an exotic journey into the nature and you are concerned about where to find some certain equipments, check Travelaki Shop. Our store provides travelers with a wide range of travel products, tech gadgets.Example, for whoever has traveled with a fair amount would understand the convenience of a Day Pack which is durable, light, spacious enough to carry all of your important belongings. On the other hand, travelers who are new to road trip, camping and are confused about what to buy and where to buy; you can’t pack just sunscreen, hat, purse and casual accessories . Because your destination might lack of facilities so you need to prepare in advance for necessary travel items. You can easily consult and purchase Camping gears, Fishing gears , Trekking gears at And we also accept payments with cryptocurrency.