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  • 1.Pay with Paypal/ Credit Cards

  • Travelaki accepts Paypal, Visa and MasterCard credit cards
  • All credit card transactions via Travelaki are fully protected by Secure Socket Layer of RapidSSL
    (Verisign Group) authorized technology. You will receive instant confirmation and e-ticket via email in
    max. 60 minutes after completing payment.
  • After choosing your flight and filling in all the required information, you can select your payment
  • To pay with Paypal, choose the Payment Online Paypal option and click Payment
  • There will be 2 options : Pay with Paypal and Pay with card
  • To pay with Paypal , choose Pay with PayPal then enter your account to carry on the transaction
  • Or Pay with your Visa /Master cards ,choose Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card
  • 2. Pay with Credit

  • In order to Pay with Credit, you have to Sign In your account top up the Credit ( see How to Deposit )
  • On the Payment Method options, choose Payment with Credit and click Payment. Your E-ticket will be
    issued right away.
  • 3. Choose Payment Coin to pay with Cryptocurrency

  • Travelaki enables you to travel with Cryptocurrency so you need to Sign In or Register to pay with Coins
  • After signing in, choose Payment Coin on the Payment Method options
    Click Payment of the Payment Coin to choose the Coin you want
    Select the Coin then click Done.
  • Then scan your QR code or
    Scan the QR code or copy the Wallet adress and paste it on your cryptocurrency app to pay to complete
    the payment
    After scanning, your E-ticket will be sent to your mail within 10 – 60 minutes.