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Shanghai is the most populated city in China and the city is very bustling and lively since Shanghai port is the one of the most important and busiest container port of the world. So that this city is flooded with tourists and business people.

Flights to Shanghai

Flights from Ho Chi Minh city to Shanghai are around $100 ~ $350, flights from Ha Noi to Shanghai are from $150 ~ 400, Flights from Hanoi to Shanghai are around $90~$300.Check out to search for more cheap flights and airlines that allow cryptocurrency.

Transportation in Shanghai

Shanghai traffic is kinda complex,you can tell by the Road Traffic System. So the mainly used transportations are Subway, Maglev Train,Public Bus. You can go straight to the center from the airport with Maglev train, Taxi price is quite high so check out the kilometer clock on the way.

where to visit in Shanghai where to visit in Shanghai

Where to visit in Shanghai?

1.Shanghai Bund

Shanghai Bund is well-known and very popular especially in Asia since the Movie Shanghai Bund.It is the famous waterfront sidewalk lying next to the Westbank of  Huangpu river. You can wander around here to explore many attractive sights along the street

where to visit in Shanghai

where to visit in Shanghai


Qibao Shanghai literally means Seven Treasures, It’s an ancient water town and its history dated back to 1000 years ago to the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126) and it got very prosperous in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Qibao is now a famous destination, the town is fill with travelers trying to discover the truth about the treasures.

Ancient towns are the soul of an culture, there are many towns like this all over the world.Let’s discover awesome Hoi An Ancient Town in Da Nang Viet Nam

where to visit in Shanghai

3.Yu Garden

Yu Garden is a classic chinese garden built in the Ming dynasty, it was owned by an officer named Pan Yunduan,he built this garden as a peaceful quite place for his family to come and relax.Within this area there’s a place called Yuyuan Bazaar, it looks like an ancient bustling trading area, you can shop for gifts,crafts and remember to bargain!

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This area is divided into 2 parts, the northern block and the southern block, the collision of two different eras : The modern, fashionable architecture style and the Shikumen Residence style,has attracted many people to come here. If you had traveled to Beijing China,you would see the similarity of the Hutongs and The Shikumen Residence.where to visit in Shanghai

5.Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center is a super tall skyscraper, it is 492 metres high which makes it the 12th tallest building in the world. It’s an ideal place to spend a day to visit because there are plenty of different ,mix services ; there are shopping malls on the lower floors and others are hotel rooms and offices.And of course the fantastic skydeck that allows you to have a paranomic view of the whole beautiful charming city. If you are interested in Skyscrapers, travel to Hong Kong to visit the 4th tallest building in the world.

flights to shanghai with cryptocurrency






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